With refined tastes in mind, the Comforts 2-stall restroom trailer is available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals and is sure to leave a lasting impression amongst your guests.


2 Stalls

One women’s compartment complete with toilet and sink and one men’s compartment complete with toilet, urinal, and sink.

Elegant Interior

Simple amenities such as flushing toilets and running water sinks evoke a sense of elegance and comfort that is not typically found in a portable toilet.

Maximum Comfort

Individual climate controlled compartments provide guests complete relief from the elements for a pleasant restroom experience.

Two Interior Styles Available

Trailer Specifications

  • 11′6″ Height x 6′ Width, 8′ Length, 8′ (Tongue 4′)
  • Men’s Compartment: 1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 sink
  • Women’s Compartment: 1 toilet, 1 sink
  • Fresh Water: 100 gallons
  • Waste Water: 300 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 2 circuits (20-amp)

Additional Trailer Features

Individual Stalls

Complete with one women’s compartment and one men’s compartment perfect for an event that requires separate toilets.

Compact Size

Perfect for small outdoor events and gatherings, this compact sized trailer fits in perfectly with most settings.

Radiant Lighting

Guests will appreciate the flattering lighting which shines above the beautiful pedestal sink vanities.

Water and Waste

On board water and waste tanks take this trailer to rural locations eliminating hook-up obligations.


Promote further ambience and relaxation with the AM/FM/CD Player capabilities of this luxury restroom.

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