Presidential Restroom Trailers

Paving the way in portable restroom extravagance, the Presidential restroom trailer transforms an often overlooked element of an outdoor event into something truly luxurious. Custom-tailored for those who desire elegance, these extravagant bathroom trailers are a perfect addition to any outdoor wedding or black tie event.

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Presidential 2400

Experience the lavish distinctions of this 24’ restroom trailer, featuring an extravagant oak interior and flushable porcelain toilets.

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Presidential 3100

This richly-appointed restroom trailer is ideal for stately happenings such as weddings or any other event where VIP treatment is desired.

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Presidential 3200

Injected with the utmost of style and class, this 32′ portable restroom trailer takes style and comfort to unparalleled new heights.

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Presidential ADA 3400

Delivering the best in style and functionality, this 34′ ADA accessible restroom trailer combines the best of both looks and accessibility.

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