Deluxe Restroom

Give your guests the VIP treatment with a portable restroom facility that not only meets their needs, but also provides the comforts of home. Operating as a self-contained facility, it comes stocked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper and water for the sink. No messy hose connections or fresh water sources needed.

Dimensions: 47″L x 47″W x 91″


Flushable, Flushing, Flush, Toilet


Introducing the deluxe flushable restroom, a cutting-edge facility that addresses the common complaints many have with portable restrooms.

Sink, Hand Wash, Washing, Soap


From hiding the waste tank to providing a hygienic hands-free sink, the deluxe restroom was designed with your guests in mind.

Spacious, Room


This modern facility showcases with a spacious interior and an ergonomic design that provides plenty of interior space for mobility.

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