The 4-stall combo trailer intertwines elements of versatility, convenience and privacy, creating an exceptional facility built with your specific needs in mind. Great for industrial projects, seasonal campground rentals or event setup crews, this restroom and shower trailer combination provides a spacious interior perfect for any season.


4 Stalls

Each of the four stalls is equipped with running water sink, shower, and flushable toilet for maximum convenience.

Full Vanities

Alongside a standard size shower and stainless steel sink, the trailer includes lockable vanities with safety glass mirrors.

Maximum Comfort

Each stall is refreshed with a climate controlled interior and a ventilation system to mimic the comforts of home.

Trailer Specifications

  • Dimensions: 18’ length x 8’ width x 12’6” height
  • Fresh Water: 300 gallon capacity or water via a garden hose.
  • Waste Water: 725-gallon

Additional Trailer Features

Water Heater

Two onboard 40 LB propane tanks power the hot water heaters for maximum comfortability.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Interior and exterior lighting provide added safety during evening hour usage.

Versatile Stalls

Compartments tailer to both men and women, allowing maximum versatility and privacy.

Water and Waste

On board water and waste tanks eliminating the need for messy hook-ups or obligations.

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