Regal Restroom Trailers

These custom-tailored portable restroom facilities cleverly work to find the balance between privacy and luxury while also providing a truly unique bathroom experience.  With several interior styles to choose from, these self-contained restroom trailers have quickly become a #1 choice for small to mid-sized events where luxurious indulgences are preferred.


Regal 2

Bringing all of the comforts and privacy of a home restroom, the Regal 2 luxury restroom trailer is the preferred choice among the elite.

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Regal 3

This trailer was designed to comfortably accommodate guests while also providing them with an elite restroom experience.

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Regal 4

Designed to accommodate mid-sized crowds, the Regal 4 has become a preferred rental choice for weddings, concerts and more.

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Classy and embellished with luxury, the Regal S2 trailer can accommodate your guest’s needs, providing them a 5-star restroom experience.

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With a modern, stylish design and elegant finishes, the Regal S4’s upscale environment provides relief to your guests with utmost luxury.

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