Portable Water Systems

The Pro-Flush System

Quite often mobile office trailers are set up on undeveloped job sites where there is a lack of water and sewage connections.  This can create a dilemma for those looking to use their internal restrooms. To assist, we’ve developed the Pro-Flush Fresh Waster System. This fully self-contained portable water system provides contractors with the necessary connections their trailer requires without having to tie into city water and sewage lines.

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Pro-Flush Services

Servicing your Pro-Flush system is essential to keeping it operational. Services can be scheduled daily or weekly. With each service, our technician will replenish your water supply, evacuate the waste tank and inspect all elements to ensure they are kept in proper working order.

How The Pro-Flush Works

Supply Tank

 These variably sized tanks act as your reservoir and are discreetly mounted within an insulated box and positioned on the outside of your trailer. This protects the tanks from the elements and allows us to perform all services from outside.

Water Pump

This system utilizes a 115V water pump to maintain water pressure throughout the entire trailer and operates on demand at exceptionally quiet noise levels.

Ejector Pit

A custom-fabricated ejector pit is often required to effectively move the sewage to an elevated height above the waste holding tank. It’s installed underneath your trailer and is weatherized for year-round applications

Holding Tank

 The waste holding tank is discreetly kept out of sight within a service box to prevent unwanted tampering and to keep it out of site to the general public. On the side of this box is a special valve which gives our drivers access to evacuate the tank each week.