At Service Sanitation, we’re a brand that’s determined to deliver! And guess what? We know how to have a blast while doing it. This week, our Gary yard crew took a breath from the cleaning hustle to shoot a comical social media video. The theme? None other than Rocky, complete with a montage that’ll have you ready to run some stairs. Who says we can’t have a little fun while we work?

The Unsung Heros

Little-known fact: Our Gary yard never sleeps. It’s a 24/7 hub of hustle, handling all those crucial behind-the-scenes tasks that keep this place chugging. They’re truly the unsung heroes quietly working round the clock to keep everything running like a dream. Cleaning restrooms (hundreds each day), performing emergency deliveries, and prepping trucks like a NASCAR pit crew (zoom zoom). They’re the magic elves of the sanitation world, making sure everything’s tip-top.

Harnessing Community

Led by our colossal yard manager Dave Jewett, this team dives headfirst into our core value of community, harnessing each team member’s strengthns to shatter limits, ignite inspiration, and relentlessly pursue excellence. It’s no easy walk in the park, but come the 4th of July, it’s all hands-on deck and channeling our inner Rocky to keep the momentum roaring is just what’s needed!

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