Portable Restrooms

How We Keep ‘Em Clean

Keeping your porta potty rental clean and odor free begins with proper maintenance.  This is especially true for long-term jobsite rentals or multi-day events where frequent usage is common.  To help keep them clean, we’ve developed our own 4-step signature service program to ensure your rental remains clean and odor-free.

Evacuate the Waste

Step one is to properly remove the waste from the holding tank. To do this, we insert a small vacuum like hose into the opening of the toilet which then pumps the waste tank dry.  This collected waste is then transported by our state-of-the-art sanitation trucks to the nearest waste water treatment facility where it is properly treated.

Charge the Unit

Once the tank has been cleaned, it’s time to charge the unit for use.  We do this by adding five gallons of our signature blue additive which works as an odor control substance and disinfectant.  This additive can also be used as a gage to measure usage.  As the additive begins to take on a greenish tint, you know it’s time for another service.

Scrub the Walls

Considering what our restrooms go through each week, it’s important to make sure special attention is shown to the interior walls and major points of contact inside each restroom to eliminate germs and bacteria.  By washing and scrubbing the walls, floors, toilet seats, and urinals you’ll find your restroom will resemble a new facility week after week.

Restock the Supplies

Nothing can be more frustrating than running out of toilet paper.  Knowing this, our expert technicians will outfit your restroom with a minimum of two to three full toilet paper rolls during each service period.  We’ll also stock hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels if applicable.  As a courtesy, we’ll also sign & date internal service sticker.