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WGN Helicopter Flyover with Service Sanitation

On August 4th, WGN Traffic Reporter, Sarah Jindra, celebrated her final day on the air with the WGN Morning News team. In honor of Sarah’s last day, she wanted to do something bold and fun as a way to say farewell to her segment titled, “Friday Flyovers.” This was a segment where she was known for flying WGN’s SkyCam 9 helicopter around Chicago, giving viewers their 3-seconds of fame from hundreds of feet up.

Knowing our company is all about being bold and fun on social media, it made perfect sense to team up and do something truly unique for this last segment.  After a little coordination with our brand team, we had the perfect idea. With the stage set, Sarah flew up early that morning with cameras rolling to be greeted with an array of portable restrooms shaped in a heart with ‘WGN’ in the middle and the message “XO Sarah” in the footer.

It was a perfect send-off for her final segment and our employees were able to get in on the fun as well. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak of that LIVE TV final send off below.