Oasis Trailer

Whether you need a restroom trailer for an elite music festival, a grandiose wedding or a private event, the Oasis will provide the elegance you are looking for. The Oasis hosts amenities found within an upscale hotel. China flushing toilets, graphite partitions and a framed glass mirror give it the feel of a home restroom. Electric blue under-cabinet lighting compliments the vanity’s fine oak finish. Equipped with vent fans, ducted A/C and insulated walls and ceilings, the Oasis trailer also provides a stylish refuge from inclimate weather. Exceeding your guests’ expectations, this trailer will create a visual display your guests will love.

The Oasis contains both men’s and women’s accommodations. The women’s compartment features four flushing toilets and a double sink top, appealing to two guests’ needs at once. Three water-saving urinals with individual dividers, one toilet, sink top and high voltage ceiling lights complete the men’s compartment. Both sections include wall recessed towel dispensers and suitable waste receptacles. Guests can dry off and dispose of their trash in a neat fashion, making them feel cleaner than they did coming in. The Oasis’s heat package and black trailer skirting protects your rental against harsh temperatures. Whether it be 60 mph winds or subzero temperatures, this skirting serves as a barrier between the weather and your rental.

  • Dimensions: 24′ length (tongue 4’3″), 8′ width, 12′ height
  • Men’s Compartment: 1 toilet, 3 urinals, 2 sinks
  • Women’s Compartment: 4 toilets, 2 sinks
  • Waste Water: 975 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 3 circuits (20-amp)