Responsive & Responsible

Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo

Each year, the ASA Chicago Construction Expo and Safety Conference provides Midwest construction professionals with an opportunity to advance their safety knowledge and network with fellow contractors, vendors, and other industry professionals.

Deeply rooted in our core value of being responsive and responsible, we’re mission driven to leverage the power of portable sanitation to better our local communities and empower the American worker to succeed. Knowing this, our Construction Sales team jumped at the opportunity to attend this two-day endeavor packed with keynote speakers, expert safety sessions, and countless relationship-building occasions.

Whether it be adding to the Chicago Skyline or revamping historical architecture, we believe that responding quickly and safely provides us with a competitive advantage in an ever-changing workplace.  Advancing our understanding of the construction industry and deepening our relationships with customers allows us to continue to safely meet their unique needs.