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Teaching Littles about Sanitation

This week, we had the pleasure and honor of educating young minds on the importance of sanitation and the great impact it makes on keeping our earth clean, healthy, and safe.  Much to the surprise of the little students gathered around, they learned that porta potties are actually really good for the environment!

How so, you might ask? Well, when you go to the park, the fair, a concert, or even the splash pad, there is usually a porta potty nearby. Because portable restrooms eliminate the need to flush between each use, they save more than 125 million gallons of fresh water each day. Wow! That’s a lot of water!!

Together, we read the ever-so-famous children’s book, Everyone Poops, laughed, shared stories, learned about how we utilize proper PPE for best practices, and even had a visit from our very own Service Sanitation Jingle Johns!