Determined to Deliver

Porta Potties Hit the Strip at Route 66

A weekend of wild rides is underway this weekend at the Route 66 Joliet Speedway! So what’s all the hype with this year’s event?  Well, these racers aren’t just professionals–they’re masters of velocity, hitting top speeds of more than 200 mph! Creating a show that goes beyond the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary!

This year’s savvy event gurus know that race-goers’ comfort is paramount. So, they’ve enlisted the sanitation maestros at Service Sanitation to heroically keep things spick and span. This includes portable restroom rentals and handwash stations which been strategically placed across the event grounds. So no matter where you are, you’re within a hundred yards of a restroom when you need it most!

The Drag and Drive exhibition is about more than just racing though. It’s about the community that gathers around it, sharing in the thrill, the anticipation, and the camaraderie. That’s why Service Sanitation is stepping up to provide over 150 toilets and fresh water for the event! They’re committed to ensuring that the comfort and convenience of the attendees are taken care of, so race fans can focus on what’s important… the heart-stopping action on the track!