The Power of Influence

As a part of our mission to empower the American worker, we feel it is our duty to continually empower our growing team. This year, 14 members of our staff left the comforts of their desks to attend the Global Leadership Summit at Faith Church in Dyer to grow in the area of leadership. 

This two-day conference features a diverse faculty of world-class speakers who are experts in their fields, aimed to help us grow as strong leaders. Together, we learned that when the leaders get better, everyone around them get better, and that great leaders use their influence to empower those around them.  

During this two-day personal journey, we gained a unique blend of vision, inspiration, and tactical skills that we can use to grow our teams. We were challenged to live boldly and courageously, to lead with profound humility, to learn from each other, and to cast a vision for a brighter future.  

As we continue growing as an organization, we learned that we must continue guiding our team and help them grow through a culture of intentionality and personal empowerment.