Marine Pumpouts at Service Sanitation

Whether you have a motor yacht, trawler, sportfishing, houseboat or even a barge we have the sanitation equipment necessary to pumpout your waste tanks and get you back into the open water as soon as possible. Don’t let your next fishing or recreational trip end early due to a full restroom. Call us today to setup your marine pumpout service. Our sanitation service trucks can be on site within 24 hours to flush & empty your holding tanks.

How Marine Pumpouts are conducted at Service Sanitation:

  1. Remove the cap from the boat’s waste fitting.
  2. Insert our pumpout hose with variable nozzle size into your boat’s deck fitting.
  3. Start disposal pump on truck and open hose valve to begin suction.
  4. When waste is completely drained close hose valve and remove nozzle from your deck fitting.
  5. Rinse boat’s holding tank with water and pump dry, if desired.
  6. Close valve and put away hose. Turn off pump and replace deck fitting cap.


Service Sanitation Inc is committed to working to preserve and improve the environmental health of our coastal waters of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Remember: Dumping raw sewage is illegal and it can cause serious problems to our environment.