Beep for a Treat – Tik Tok Video


Community and Connection BEEP FOR A TREAT - Tik Tok Video As a brand that values community, we're constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with our local communities. Whether it's through parades, interactive events, or unconventional social media campaigns, we're always up for some [...]

Beep for a Treat – Tik Tok Video2024-02-01T11:56:06-06:00

WGN Helicopter Flyover with Service Sanitation


Community and Connection WGN Helicopter Flyover with Service Sanitation On August 4th, WGN Traffic Reporter, Sarah Jindra, celebrated her final day on the air with the WGN Morning News team. In honor of Sarah's last day, she wanted to do something bold and fun [...]

WGN Helicopter Flyover with Service Sanitation2023-09-05T08:31:04-05:00

Teaching Littles about Sanitation


Community and Connection Teaching Littles about Sanitation This week, we had the pleasure and honor of educating young minds on the importance of sanitation and the great impact it makes on keeping our earth clean, healthy, and safe.  Much to the surprise of the [...]

Teaching Littles about Sanitation2023-05-04T08:42:47-05:00

New Corporate HQ Building


Determined to Deliver The New Home of Service Sanitation, Inc Welcome to 401 Blaine Street, the new home of Service Sanitation and Gary, Indiana’s newest commercial building, built with ONE goal in mind; to create a new environment filled with optimism, fueled by community, [...]

New Corporate HQ Building2023-03-09T11:13:05-06:00

Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo


Responsive & Responsible Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo Each year, the ASA Chicago Construction Expo and Safety Conference provides Midwest construction professionals with an opportunity to advance their safety knowledge and network with fellow contractors, vendors, and other industry professionals. Deeply rooted in [...]

Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo2023-03-07T16:06:46-06:00

PSAI Conference 2023


Responsive and Responsible Service Sanitation Leadership attends PSAI Conference in Memphis Record breaking ice storms that led to cancelled flights and closed the city of Memphis was not enough to hold the Service Sanitation leadership team back from attending this year’s 2023 PSAI Annual [...]

PSAI Conference 20232023-02-06T09:01:53-06:00

Serving the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana


Community and Connection Serving The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana Service. It's who we are. It's what we believe. We were thrilled to have the privilege of serving the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana this week. The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana distributes more [...]

Serving the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana2022-11-30T10:44:00-06:00

Labor Appreciation BBQ


Community and Connection Labor Appreciation BBQ The hot days of summer tend to start early and end late.  No matter rain, shine, or exhausting levels of humidity, our labor teams show up year after year dedicated to serving the community and getting the job [...]

Labor Appreciation BBQ2022-09-14T15:09:05-05:00

Power Up Drive-Thru


Community and Connection Power Up Drive-Thru Year after year, our labor teams are notorious for stepping up with determination and grit to get the job done. As we throttle up for another busy 4th of July weekend, we wanted to celebrate [...]

Power Up Drive-Thru2022-09-14T15:09:54-05:00

Meet the Players Initiative


To help us maintain our tight-knit, family-like atmosphere we created the Meet the Players initiative. Inspired by the look of an NFL player stats reel, these mini videos serve as an easy way for the organization to get to know all the players on our team.

Meet the Players Initiative2020-09-03T10:23:22-05:00

Safety Meeting Digitalization


As a mission-driven organization, we’re determined to better the communities we serve while also empowering the American worker. This mission holds true not only for our customers but our employees alike.

Safety Meeting Digitalization2020-09-02T14:28:30-05:00