Meet the Players Initiative

2020-09-03T10:23:22-05:00Thursday, September 3, 2020|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

To help us maintain our tight-knit, family-like atmosphere we created the Meet the Players initiative. Inspired by the look of an NFL player stats reel, these mini videos serve as an easy way for the organization to get to know all the players on our team.


2020-08-21T14:05:08-05:00Tuesday, August 18, 2020|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Leaning into the values of community and empowerment, we created the Porta-Bowl, a unique way to bring our team together, all while maintaining a safe social distance.

2019 SSI Summer Bash

2020-08-24T10:27:16-05:00Monday, August 19, 2019|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Family lies at the forefront of the Service Sanitation brand. We believe it’s important to occasionally pause from the daily grind and focus on just that. This year we hosted our 2nd Annual Service Sanitation Summer Bash as a way to come together.

Pinking of the Canal

2020-08-21T14:06:38-05:00Thursday, October 13, 2016|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Bettering Communities SSI Teams Up With Blue to Go Pink On October 7th, we proudly partnered with the Indianapolis Colts to support Breast Cancer Awareness month at the Pinking of the Canal in downtown Indy.  Our team caught up with Blue – the [...]