Teaching Littles about Sanitation

2023-05-04T08:42:47-05:00Wednesday, May 3, 2023|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Community and Connection Teaching Littles about Sanitation This week, we had the pleasure and honor of educating young minds on the importance of sanitation and the great impact it makes on keeping our earth clean, healthy, and safe.  Much to the surprise of the [...]

Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo

2023-03-07T16:06:46-06:00Tuesday, March 7, 2023|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Responsive & Responsible Service Sanitation Attends ASA Construction Expo Each year, the ASA Chicago Construction Expo and Safety Conference provides Midwest construction professionals with an opportunity to advance their safety knowledge and network with fellow contractors, vendors, and other industry professionals. Deeply rooted in [...]

Festival of the Lakes 2022

2022-07-15T14:31:58-05:00Friday, July 15, 2022|Categories: News|

Determined to Deliver Festival of the Lakes 2022 Music fans from across the region look forward to getting their groove on at the Festival of the Lakes every summer. For 5 days straight in the middle of July, musical entertainment, food vendors, drinks, and [...]

Advancements to the Prep-Process

2020-09-29T07:32:29-05:00Friday, September 25, 2020|Categories: News|

To further empower our crew and to streamline this process, a reconfiguration of the yard and the addition of a new garage bay is underway. This new garage bay will allow the team to prep not only one, but two trucks at a time.

Meet the Players Initiative

2020-09-03T10:23:22-05:00Thursday, September 3, 2020|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

To help us maintain our tight-knit, family-like atmosphere we created the Meet the Players initiative. Inspired by the look of an NFL player stats reel, these mini videos serve as an easy way for the organization to get to know all the players on our team.

Safety Meeting Digitalization

2020-09-02T14:28:30-05:00Friday, August 28, 2020|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

As a mission-driven organization, we’re determined to better the communities we serve while also empowering the American worker. This mission holds true not only for our customers but our employees alike.

Chicago Movies in the Park

2020-08-24T09:48:29-05:00Friday, August 21, 2020|Categories: Communities, News|

Determined to adapt to current social restrictions, the Chicago Park District devised a safe solution to provide outdoor activities during these unprecedented times. Because we value Community and Connection, we made it a point to help the city of Chicago with their sanitation needs for this series of events.


2020-08-21T14:05:08-05:00Tuesday, August 18, 2020|Categories: Employee Engagement, News|

Leaning into the values of community and empowerment, we created the Porta-Bowl, a unique way to bring our team together, all while maintaining a safe social distance.

COVID-19 Approved Hands-Free Sink

2020-08-31T13:36:29-05:00Friday, June 12, 2020|Categories: News|

Empowering People Hands-Free Dual Sink COVID-19 has dramatically changed health and safety standards across the service industry. As businesses begin to reopen, the need to practice social distancing and proper handwashing is still on the rise.  Over the past month, our sales and customer [...]

Hand Sanitizer Shortage

2020-06-05T10:38:30-05:00Thursday, June 4, 2020|Categories: News|

Determined to Deliver Our Solution to the Hand Sanitizer Shortage Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for hand sanitizer replacement packets has gone through the roof.  As the rest of the world fights for the same supply, we thought we could do our [...]