Decon Shower Trailer

The decontamination shower trailer from Service Sanitation is an ideal solution for those exposed to hazardous materials at industrial sites, chemical facilities and construction sites. This OSHA compliant decontamination shower trailer safely and efficiently removes hazardous contaminants for maximum safety. Each Decon Shower Trailer features three different rooms–a dirty room, a shower room and a clean room.

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Trailer Features

Employees initially enter the dirty room where a negative air filtering unit with HEPA certified filter traps airborne particles; this keeps the air healthy and free of contaminants. Workers will then pass through a rubber door which creates an airtight seal from the dirty room into the shower room. The negative air pressure generated by the seal effectively traps contaminated airborne particles in the dirty room.

To remove any additional contaminates, two stalls within the shower room allow workers to rinse and dispose of dangerous particles that may have made contact with their skin. Each stall within this room is equipped with odor traps, germicidal floor mats and airlock curtains. Upon completion, patrons will then enter a climate-controlled clean room which features lockable storage compartments, clothing hooks, safety glass mirrors and fluorescent lighting.

  • Dimensions: 20′ length (tongue 4’6″,  8′ width, 12′ height)
  • Internal Compartment: 2 showers, 1 sink
  • Fresh Water: 235 gallons
  • Waste Water: 400 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 3 circuits (20-amp)