Designed to accommodate mid-sized crowds, the Regal 4 restroom trailer has quickly become a preferred rental choice for weddings, concerts, film shoots, festivals and more.


4 Stalls

This upscale portable restroom trailer features three private stalls and one private urinal stall making it ideal for events with intermissions.

Event Ready

High-end amenities including stainless sinks and porcelain toilets. Wood grain flooring and neutral grey tones pair excellently with any event.

Maximum Comfort

Keep your guest comfortable with heating or air conditioning climate control options when hooked up to a power source.

Trailer Specifications

  • 10’6″ height x 8’5″ width, 12′ length (tongue 5’6″)
  • Men’s Compartments: 1 toilets, 1 urinal, 2 sinks
  • Women’s Compartments: 2 toilets, 2 sinks
  • Fresh Water: 156 gallons
  • Waste Water: 490 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 2 circuits (20-amp)

Additional Trailer Features


Am/FM/CD Player capabilities allow you to provide ambient music true to the mood of your event.

Water and Waste

Ditch the water spigot and go remote with the Regal 4’s onboard water and waste tanks.

Solar Power

Solar power package operates the trailer’s lighting and water. Take it anywhere without the need for electrical connections.

Versatile Stalls

All Regal trailer stalls can be properly labeled with unique gender identification signs for versatility.

High-End Amenities

Impress guests with premium flooring, private stalls, running water sinks, flushable toilets, and LED lighting.

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