Winter Restroom Rental Tips

Anyone who works in the construction business will tell you that using a portable restroom during the winter months can sometimes be a frigid experience.   As the winter approaches, we wanted to share 4 quick DIY tips that can help keep your porta potty a little warmer.  To help prevent unwanted freeze-ups, we’ve put together a few quick tips to ensure your restrooms remain fully functional this winter.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Restroom From Freezing

Place Porta Potty in Sunlight

Place in Direct Sunlight

It’s amazing what a little sunlight can do.  As the sun shines and moves across the sky, it can warm the outer walls of your restroom which can radiate heat inside your facility.

Shield Restroom From The Wind

Shield from Strong Winds

Consider placing your restroom on the east side of a building, fence or structure to help shield from bitter wind chills.  By doing this, you’ll not only be fighting the cold, you’ll also be one step ahead of tip-overs.

Porta Potty in Garage

Place in a Garage

On occasion, it may make sense to bring your restroom indoors.  Once inside, you’ll avoid wind chills, extreme temperatures and unwanted tip-overs that can occur from excessive outdoor winds.

Space Heater in Porta John

Add a Heater

A small portable heater can often be the simplest and most effective solution for a cold wintery day.  These small portable heaters fit perfectly inside the restroom for maximum convenience and comfort.