Location is Everything

Location, Location, Location.  When it comes to placing your portable restroom in the right spot, there are a few important factors to consider.  Follow this guide of recommended placement solutions.

Allow Easy Access

Consider placing your porta potty rental somewhere that is easily accessible to both our driver and party goers.  As mentioned, our trucks have a maximum reach of 40 feet, so it’s best to place the unit within 40 feet from the road.

Place on Level Ground

Prior to your delivery, scope out your desired location.  Never assume the land is level without checking first.  If you suspect there are terrain issues, try your best to find a location with level ground that is still easily accessible.

Keep Visible

Place your porta potty in a location that is visible, but not too visible that it becomes an eye sore.  If your event spans over many blocks, consider placing a bank of restrooms in the middle of the festival grounds and a few at each corner.

Shelter From Wind

To help deter against strong winds, consider placing your restroom against a fence, wall or structure to act as a barrier from the elements.  In addition, our service technicians can also stake your facilities to act as a second barrier from the wind.

Avoid Congested Areas

Prior to delivery, we recommend you measure your property to ensure the product you rented will fit properly through any congested areas.  Keep in mind, the minimum width we can work with for a basic portable restroom is 50”.

Near Concessions

We recommend keeping your restrooms within sight and within walking distance of your food vendors.  If possible, try to place your restrooms downwind as well. This will help keep any unwanted odors from making their way into your concession area.