Don’t Let the Fun Stop

Without meeting certain guidelines, exhausting wait lines can make a simple trip to the restroom tiresome and frustrating for guests. Cut restroom wait times in half and boost guest satisfaction by implementing these six simple steps.

Bulk Up on Restrooms

Consistent traffic flow can only be established once an appropriate number of restrooms are put into place.  To determine the right amount of restrooms for your event, check out our porta potty calculator.  Bulking up on restrooms will drastically cut down on long lines and over-usage.

Strategic Placement

Give your restroom rentals some breathing room by keeping them away from highly congested areas.  In fact, creating a restroom zone in a more secluded location allows guests to easily determine who’s next in line.

Place Sinks Outside of Restrooms

While porta potties with sinks or hand sanitizer are seen as a bonus, they can often bring moving lines to a halt.  For crowded events, it’s wise to rent additional stand-alone sinks that can be placed outside of the units to reduce occupancy time.

Separate by Gender

Dividing your rentals by gender can often expedite wait times.  Historically speaking, it’s generally recommended you double the number of restrooms that will be utilized for women vs men.  This separation will help maintain steady line flow and help keep restrooms cleaner.

Hire Onsite Attendants

From restocking toilet paper to picking up trash, onsite attendants can give restrooms the TLC needed for events of long durations.  In terms of line control, they can also direct visitors to unoccupied units, making sure everyone waits their turn.

Consider a Restroom Trailer

Visually appealing and extraordinarily comfortable, they are equipped with multiple stalls and climate-controlled interiors.  Restroom trailers are notorious for cutting dreaded wait lines in half, getting visitors in and out at warp speed.