Ship Pumpings

Supporting the U.S. Navy

Last week, the Navy’s newest vessel, the USS Indianapolis, held a commissioning ceremony at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor.  During this time, crewmembers required the removal of thousands of gallons of water off the ship each day.  While this was certainly a first for Service Sanitation, we approached this situation with an innovative solution to meet their unique needs. 

To aide in the ship pumping service, a 6,000-gallon tanker was placed on-site near the open waters to support the crewmembers, allowing them to complete their job in an efficient manner.  Each day this tanker truck was pumped multiple times and the waste was transported to a local water reclamation plant for treatment.

“It was such a unique experience. Truly one of the coolest things I’ve done.” -Bob Solle, Special Projects

It was quite an honor to serve and support our own U.S. Navy and we wish them safe travels as they sent this brand new Littoral Combat Ship on a voyage to arrive at its home base in Florida.

Did You Know?

Fact: Before porta potties made their way to construction sites or special events, they were originally built for U.S. Navy ships during WWII.

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