The History of the Porta Potty

The Beginning of an Era

The modern-day porta potty made its debut with intention to empower the American worker.  During World War II, dock loading crews were found wasting valuable time leaving their worksite just to use the restroom.  In an effort to boost productivity, wood panels combined with a metal storage tank were put onto ships for the crew’s relief.  Unlike porta potties today, these ones were extremely heavy, making them a challenge to move and evacuate.

Drastic Changes

Once the idea of portable restrooms made their way into construction sites and other remote locations, a new wave of porta potties were introduced.  With a determination to make them more durable and easier to maneuver, fiberglass began to replace the metal and wood units in the 1960s.  Although a significant improvement, fiberglass was not the end-all, be-all for portable sanitation.  The material became notorious for absorbing odors, creating an unpleasant experience for the user.  Not to mention, it was prone to breaking easily.   

Perfecting the Design

Eventually, the material we know today, polyethylene, was introduced in the 1980s thanks to the founder of the PolyJohn Corporation.  Polyethylene restrooms are durable and resilient, allowing their parts to be easily repurposed for many years.  These restrooms are completely modular, meaning individual parts can be made and replaced faster and cheaper than ever.  Today, polyethylene restrooms can come equipped with sinks, urinals, and shelving.  They can be made large enough for wheelchairs to easily maneuver in and out of, as well as be purposed for baby changing stations.   

Encapsulating Luxury

Fast forward to the present.  What once started as a metal and wooden box has now transformed into pure luxury.  Restroom trailers give the term portable restroom new meaning.  Restroom trailers can combine several stalls, flushing toilets, urinals, and vanities.  Some trailers are equipped with highend finishes like hardwood flooring, wall décor, and LED lighting to imitate the comforts of home.  Restroom trailers make a great pair with outdoor weddings, large events, corporate events, or construction sites. 

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