Community and Connection

Chicago Park District | Movies in the Park

The pandemic has altered summer as we know it, cancelling festivals, marathons, sporting events, and even walks on the beach.  Capacity restrictions and mask mandates have left Chicagoans with more time and fewer activities to build meaningful relationships.

Determined to adapt to current social restrictions, the Chicago Park District devised a safe solution to provide outdoor activities during these unprecedented times.  Inspired by age-old Drive In’s, a series of mobile theatres have been making appearances across Chicago’s Parks since July.  Going by the name of Movies in the Park, these one-day screenings take place Monday-Friday and will continue through mid-September.  Similarly, the Chicago Parks Department recently rolled out mobile Drive-In Movie events, which take place each Tuesday and Thursday until September.

Because we value Community and Connection at Service Sanitation, we made it a point to help the city of Chicago with their sanitation needs for this series of events.   As you can imagine, this requires a lot of attention to detail from our operations team in planning daily route schedules, as well as adding extra labor to our drivers’ schedules, who have been diligently delivering and picking up units throughout the weeks following the movie schedules.