3 Ways To Prevent Toilet Vandalism

As the seasons change, so do different forms of vandalism, and a porta potty is an easy target. Primarily out of boredom, teenagers, the main culprits in these situations, tend to vandalize these plastic units. Although this seems like a minor concern, a damaged restroom during your rental period can cost you hundreds. Stop a vandal in his tracks by utilizing at least one of these techniques.

Still uncertain? Consider adding a damage waiver for extra financial protection and peace of mind in the event of accidental damage to our equipment during a typical rental period. The damage waiver protects renters from vandalism, graffiti or complete unit destruction.

1. Prevent Porta Potty Tipping

Typically known as “outhouse tipping,” teenagers tend to pursue the unfortunate activity of overturning a portable toilet. Not only is this unlucky for whoever may be inside but also for the technician who has to restore the restroom to its original state. To detour this type of vandalism, ask for a restroom staking. Stuck to the ground, your rental will be able to hold its own if attacked by a vandal. If the unit needs to be moved frequently, place it near bushes or other brush to pad its potential fall. This barrier makes it more difficult for trespassers to strike your rental as well.

porta potty vandalism

2. Veer Away from Graphic Vandalism

Graphics, words and phrases, oh my! Alert us right away if you notice any written vandalism to the interior or exterior of the unit. Armed with a special formulaic spray, our yard technicians will zap away the unwanted words easily, but the sooner the better. But most importantly, ask us to place your porta potty in a well-lit place. The brighter the surrounding area is, the less likely someone will practice their artistic skills on the unit.

fire damaged porta potty

3. Ban Blown-up Bathrooms

Fourth of July isn’t the only time porta potties are used as a man-made firework. Prevent your restroom from being burned by allocating a central space for the restroom to reside. Choose a place fairly close to your event’s main action. If possible, choose somewhere near security cameras, a perfect way to monitor mischievous activity. If a blown-up restroom is potentially possible for your event, ask about purchasing our damage waiver. Not only will you have a peace of mind during your event, but you will be thankful for the cash you saved.