Introducing the 9-stall Blue Star 2801 restroom trailer—classically styled for those who demand excellence. The Blue Star 2801 offers a spacious multi-stall floor plan ideal for commercial applications.


9 Stalls

Versatile stalls, women’s and men’s toilets, urinals and sinks provide ample space for maximum relief.

Commercial Design

Spacious interior floor plan offers multiple stalls and sinks to cater to guests in any commercial setting.

Maximum Comfort

Climate controlled facility neutralizes all weather conditions, providing guests pinnacle comfort times.

Trailer Specifications

  • 12’6″ Height, 8’6″ Width,  28′ Length (Tongue 4′6″)
  • Men’s Compartment: 2 toilets, 2 urinals, 2 sinks
  • Women’s Compartment: 3 toilets, 2 sinks
  • Auxiliary Compartment: 2 toilets
  • Fresh Water: 300 gallons
  • Waste Water: 1050 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 3 circuits (20-amp)

Additional Trailer Features

Versatile Stalls

Accommodate the event crowd by opening the versatile stalls to either the men’s or women’s compartment.

Radiant Lighting

LED fixtures illuminate the interior and exterior landings to ensure guests can enter with ease.

Durable Amenities

Black diamond rubber flooring, arched stall doors, and stainless steel accents create a welcoming experience.

Water and Waste

Take this trailer outside of limits where the onboard water and waste tanks eliminate the need for hook-ups.

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