Blue Star Series

Bringing together luxury and comfort, the Blue Star restroom trailer creates an oasis for party-goers and construction workers alike. These easily transportable restroom facilities are equipped with unrivaled design and innovation to surpass all expectations with versatility being key.

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Blue Star 1503

This 5-stall restroom facility combines beauty and cutting-edge functionality to provide a climate controlled escape.

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Blue Star 2800

This 28′ restroom trailer also features seven stalls and two urinals to ensure patrons are in and out as quickly as possible.

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Blue Star 2801

This 28′ restroom trailer features stately amenities such as stainless steel sinks, porcelain toilets and two flushing urinals.

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Blue Star 2802

At the forefront of trailer innovation lies the Blue Star 2802, showcasing some of the latest advancements in portable sanitation.

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Blue Star 2400

This 24’ restroom trailer was built tough with comfort and durability in mind, perfect for construction or industrial applications.

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