Always Nearby – Porta Potty with Wheels

Porta potties exist to make your life simpler. Within the labor industry, easy accessibility to a restroom facility is crucial because porta potties increase efficiency and improve worker morale. But for those who are always on the move, sometimes a stationary porta potty just doesn’t cut it. Check out how a towable single unit trailer can transform the sites of the labor professions below.

Road Construction

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Working conditions on the roads can be brutal, especially in Chicago. Staying within the confines of a closed lane gets tough and can make construction difficult, not to mention using the restroom. The trailer mounted porta potty allows road workers to move the restroom to any desired location, adapting to changing weather conditions or a supervisor’s directions. The restroom’s wheeled design allows it to glide with ease, creating a stress-free experience.

Airport Maintenance

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The safety area surrounding the runway is spread out and doesn’t allow for the best lighting conditions. During the evening hours, one may not be able to see a porta potty hitched to the back of a truck or see it alongside the runway. Lack of visibility can be a major safety hazard for airport staff and machinery. But with the single unit trailer’s taillights, workers can identify a tow-able porta potty at any time of the day.

Farming and Agriculture

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A farm containing hundreds of acres does not guarantee access to a nearby restroom or porta potty. Instead, consistent bathroom breaks could completely halt efficiency. By hitching the single axle trailer to the back of a truck, the single unit can be transported anywhere on the land. But sometimes you just want the unit to remain still. That’s why a lowering device is included, preventing the trailer from detaching from the truck when not being moved.


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Landscaping companies work on all different parts of a property, from building a retaining wall around the perimeter of a building or implementing an irrigation system throughout the grounds. Depending on where the landscaping team is working, the placement of the porta potty can change daily. To make this transition easier, the single unit trailer can be moved constantly, depending on the needs of the group.