Determined to Deliver

Sweeping Up at SeatGeek

There’s nothing like hitting up an outdoor concert, especially when it’s the Lyrical Lemonade Festival. Have you ever wondered what happens when the lights go up, the crowds leave, and it’s time to clean? That’s when the real heroes come out!

3 Days = 400 Toilets

What most don’t realize is as soon as the last song drops, the clock starts and crews have less than 3 days to begin the tedious process of breaking things down. This includes picking up trash, striking stages, removing oversized displays, and pumping more than 400 portable restrooms located throughout the event grounds.

What it Takes

This year the Service Sanitation squad tackled the Herculean task of removing each porta potty while also trailering out 12 VIP bathroom trailers from the SeatGeek Stadium grounds in Bridgeview, Illinois. In total, more than 75,000 gallons of human waste was removed over the course of the three day music festival. Mind-blowing isn’t it? So how did we do it? By unleashing a hardworking staff, each armed with a strategic plan, cutting edge equipment, and a determined mindset to see the task through.

All Hands On Deck

With over 20 truckloads whizzing in and out of our nearest hub, it was all hands on deck! Our stellar event planners, top-notch operational team, and our tireless union crew braved scorching summer days to get the job done. Who says sanitation can’t be exhilarating? Let’s Buckle up because events like these occur weekly around here!

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