The Sani-Sink

The Sani-Sink is one of our more exclusive and versatile hand washing stations which can be used for a variety of applications. This portable hand washing station is fully self-contained and can provide users with both hot and cold drinkable water. This makes it ideal for trailer use where space is limited.

Dimensions: 36″ Height x 30″ Width x 20″ Depth


Fully Operational

Utilizes a 5-gallon potable water supply (not provided) that can be obtained from your local grocer. Grey water then drains into a standard 5 gallon bucket for easy disposal.

Outlet Equipped

 Once plugged in, the water pump goes into standby mode for immediate use and the water heater takes about 10 minutes or less to fully heat the water.

Drinkable Water

Fresh drinking water couldn’t be easier. No formal service is necessary, just exchange the water bottle and drain the used water as needed.

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