The Digitalization of Employee Education

As a mission-driven organization, we’re determined to better the communities we serve while also empowering the American worker.  This mission holds true not only for our customers but our employees alike.

Leveraging the Power of Collaboration

Dutifully pursuing our mission for the future, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring it to life.  In recent months, it’s led us to a complete overhaul on the way we perform employee education. By utilizing the knowledge of our Operations Team and the creativity of our Marketing and Communications team, our monthly OSHA and DOT Safety Meetings were rewritten, reconstructed, and revamped into a complete digital experience.

Empowering Through Consistency

Our transition from a classroom-style approach to an e-learning approach has brought about a variety of important benefits; however, the ability to empower employees with a consistent message may take the crown. Packaged in a virtual library, our team now has access to an array of training materials, ranging from basic first aid to accident prevention.

More Engagement for Better Retention

Instant access to these educational videos comes with an added bonus; the ability to make the content more engaging. Easy-to-digest graphics, video depictions of realistic scenarios, and even a little humor makes attending these virtual meetings interesting, relatable, and effective in conveying life-saving information.

Accountability Fosters Responsibility

A readily available training library also gives each of our employees, no matter their location, access to the same level of quality education. With branch locations across the Midwest, safety meetings had been previously led by individual branch managers, leaving room for inconsistent messaging and teaching techniques. In effort to further magnify the capabilities of these new videos, we’ve also implemented electronic testing as a form of accountability across the entire organization. These tests provide real-time data regarding information retention, allowing us to gauge the effectiveness of the content and highlight areas that require improvement.

Convenient Scheduling

In addition to unifying the education of our team, virtual safety meetings also allow our labor force to participate based on when their schedule best allows for it. Because we are a 24/7/365-day operation, giving our drivers and laborers the power to participate at a time most convenient for them cuts down on otherwise lost time and resources.