Porta Potties

Are They Worth the Costs?

Cost is one of the first things to cross our minds when we consider a new product or service. We want to get the most for our dollar. Luckily, renting out a porta potty for your next event is a cost-effective way to bring convenience to your guests.

No Work On Your End

One quick call – that’s it. Order the restroom that meets your needs, and the rest is up to us. There’s no need to pick up or drop off. Knowing that the details are taken care of, you can expect a perfect potty delivered and taken away within a time frame that works for you. And just like that, we have your restroom needs covered, and your event is off to a good start.

Save Time and Money

No mess, no stress. When hosting an event in your backyard, the last thing you want is dirt being tracked throughout the house you just tidied up. You prepared every detail of the day and having to take care of a messy aftermath just isn’t ideal. House cleaning services can get pricey, and doing it yourself takes hours of time you might not have. Placing a porta potty rental in the area of your backyard bash reduces foot traffic throughout your home. And by giving your guests a close and clean facility to use, you keep them happy without having to do anything extra.

Inexpensive Cost Per Hour

A restroom quote may be hard to comprehend right away. You see a lump sum of money and debate if you have room in your budget. To make this process easier, consider breaking the cost down per hour of use. This way you can see how the cost stretches over multiple hours, creating an affordable figure.