Holiday Light Show with Restrooms

Weird.  Funny.  Entertaining.  People just don’t know what to think when they see this year’s holiday lights display.  To give some insight into how this video came into existence, we thought we’d share a few behind the scene moments.  It all began with an idea to do something other than an old, tired, traditional card to wish our customers a happy holiday.  It seemed rather fitting to do something more light-heartened and entertaining….an idea that revolved around music and holiday lighting….oh, and porta potties of course.

With the music selected, we were off to begin the tedious work of programming each light one by one to ensure perfect synchronization.  The design and implementation of this process was handled by our in-house marketing manager, Stevie “Dee” Dykstra.   Stevie’s background in theatrical lighting and social media marketing allowed him to play a key role in the success of this project.  “The entire programming process took surprisingly less time than originally expected” said Dykstra.  “I think the hardest part was trying to take certain elements of the song and animate them visually to entertain the end viewer.”

The video was shot on November 3rd at Service Sanitation’s Gary, Indiana yard.  A 15-hour set-up was required between positioning each restroom and retrofitting them all with LED lights and electricity.  Zach Schut & Mike Kowalski, Service Sanitation yard employees, played a large role in the set-up.  “It was a tedious process which required a lot of precision and the cold temperatures made things even more difficult.” said Schut.  “When you think about it, it’s amazing we were even able to pull it off given the conditions we were given.”

The release of this video took place on Thanksgiving morning in hopes that family and friends might share the video with others when gathered around the table enjoying their turkey dinners. We hope that you enjoy the unique approach Service Sanitation took in celebrating the holiday!