Community and Connection

The 2020 Porta-Bowl

Community and empowerment are amongst the greatest values that drive our organization.  We believe in leveraging the power of community to inspire one another while also empowering our employees with the information they need to succeed.  Leaning into these beliefs, we created the Porta-Bowl, a creative way to bring our team together, maintaining a safe social distance, all while gamifying continued education.

As our organization continues to expand across the Midwest, it becomes increasingly difficult to find ways to bring our entire team together.  Through these unique times, we’ve pressed forward and innovated new ways to remain together, apart.  The Porta-Bowl was designed with togetherness and community in mind, and to be easily accessible for members from all branches to come together and participate.  This 100% virtual game show ran through a Zoom conference call, where employees were able to dial in and answer a series of trivia questions as it pertains to the organization.  The biggest Service Sanitation “Know-It-All” won a custom-designed Yeti cooler and runner-ups were awarded cash prizes.

Together, we laughed, we learned, and we cultivated a meaningful, virtual gathering, all while remaining safe at home.  A big thanks to all of our team members who were able to attend.  We hope to do this again in the near future!