Pausing for Professional Development

It’s no secret that the busyness of operations can sometimes put the professional development of our staff on the backburner.  Knowing this, each Spring we like to pause as an organization and invite our team in for an opportunity of fellowship and professional training.

This year we invited Doug, a certified trainer from the State of Illinois, to lead our labor teams through an education seminar on portable sanitation. Together, we discussed topics such as how to service a restroom, how to transport a restroom, and even how to clean a hand wash station. It was an information-packed session, aimed at helping our employees relearn what it takes to succeed. Once completed, each employee received a certificate of compliance from the State of Illinois.

Following the training session, there was also a time to share some tips, tricks, and ideas on how to safely perform sanitation tasks while out in the field. We also had an opportunity to share a meal, talk shop, and share some stories from the job site. Although our time together was short, it was a day full of learning, development, and professional team building.  It was a day where we could be together as a team, focused on a single mission. A mission to better the communities we serve and empower the American worker through the power of portable sanitation.

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