Basic Park Porta Potty

For more than four decades, the basic portable toilet has been providing outdoor parks and recreational areas with a safe, convenient and low-cost form of sanitation that’s truly unsurpassed.  Operating much like a home restroom, this single-stall facility provides park patrons with a simple sanitary solution, on a temporary basis, that can be easily utilized during the busy summer months.  Additionally, upon the arrival of the winter season, it’s removal leaves virtually no sign of its previous existence.

Dimensions47″L x 43.5″W x 91″H


The ultra-sleek green exterior of the basic portable toilet subtly blends in any outdoor environment and repels dust to remain clean and free of debris.  Equipped with a standard sized toilet, urinal and optional sanitizer dispenser, the basic portable toilet provides all of the essentials needed to ensure patrons are properly cared for.

At Service Sanitation we are responsible for the maintenance of more than 18,000 portables restrooms at park sites throughout the city of Chicago and beyond. We understand that patrons have a high expectation when it comes to public restroom facilities.  It is because of this that we train our employees to operate as environmental stewards when doing their jobs.  We do this by going the extra mile to ensure our facilities are not only clean, but also promote a positive image toward portable sanitation.  It’s this perspective that truly sets us apart.  To learn more about this restroom facility or the services we offer please contact us at (800) 909-5646 to speak with a member of our team.  We welcome the opportunity to serve your sanitation needs and help promote a positive, clean feeling in recreational park areas.