Determined to Deliver

The New Home of Service Sanitation, Inc

Welcome to 401 Blaine Street, the new home of Service Sanitation and Gary, Indiana’s newest commercial building, built with ONE goal in mind; to create a new environment filled with optimism, fueled by community, and designed to elevate the culture here inside the organization. 

Like all new construction projects, the vision, plans, and building didn’t happen overnight. As we quickly outgrew our space and ended up with Northwest Indiana team members scattered throughout three buildings across the region, conversations about bringing the entire corporate team together in one central location began well over 5 years ago.  

Fueled by optimism and determination, leaders of the organization eagerly leaped at the opportunity to purchase 401 Blaine Street during the spring of 2020. This was an exciting time for everyone as it seemed like a solution was on the horizon and the location would make for a swift and easy transition from our other corporate building(s) down the road.  

Shortly after the purchase of the property, we partnered with Chester Inc, a local architectural and contracting firm in Valparaiso. (Fun fact, Chester, Inc was started by the world-famous Orville Redenbacher!) Chester’s team listened to our hopes and dreams of what our new corporate office could be and went to work drawing the plans and creating the timelines. Little did we know, though, there were unforeseen challenges on the horizon!  

Enter the year of the COVID-19 global pandemic. A year in which our lives were completely turned upside down. A year where our team was pushed to the limit, the cost of raw building materials tripled, and a large percentage of our office employees were forced to work remote. Had we made the wrong decision? I think we would be lying if we said there were days when we were ready to throw in the towel, but we continued to push forward on the vision. 

Through these challenges and setbacks, we grew as a team and learned the art of patience (whether we wanted to or not). It was these very challenges that molded our team members who now appreciate this new space more than they ever could have imagined. 

Three years later and moving day is finally here. We’re thrilled to unveil this new 15,000 square foot facility equipped with 75 offices, 4 large open team centers, 2 uniquely themed break rooms, and so much more. It’s our hope that this modern, open concept, and collaborative facility will continue to help us foster community for decades to come, setting a bold new standard for Service Sanitation and all who are part of this team.