Determined to Deliver

Labor Training with the Indianapolis Colts

As we prepare for another busy summer season, our labor team has once again partnered with the Indianapolis Colts and their mascot, Blue, as an ideal way to get ourselves in tip-top shape. This included an all-intensive session inside the confines of the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center.

Wasting no time upon arrival, Blue had our service techs sweating to the sounds of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” all while stretching, pulling, pressing, and twisting in ways they never would have imagined. Best of all, we were able to capture the whole spectacle on film.

Energized for a new season, our team is excited to provide the great city of Indianapolis with access to clean water, clean toilets, and overall good hygiene at a time when it’s needed most. Together, we’re leaning into the power of community to push our limits, inspire one another, and strive for continuous improvement.

Together, Unstoppable!