How Does a Porta Potty Work?

Although porta potties may appear a simple convenience, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Hidden waste tanks, timely delivery, and various added amenities provide you with an easy, headache-free rental experience.

Tank Storage

Intended for your basic needs, the Basic Restroom includes a 70 gallon waste storage tank* built for high usage. The tank remains primarily out of sight and allows for toilet paper to be safely disposed of. Its simple design provides guests with practical convenience for any situation.

Weekly Services

Ready when you need it, our service technicians prioritize your jobsite, party or corporate event. Whether it’s an emergency or a standard weekly cleaning, services are scheduled as frequently as desired. Specialized tools expel waste from the tank and transport water to treatment centers. This way, you are promised clean water and waste tank every service.

Features Vary

The Basic model includes essential features for a small backyard bash or local sporting event. But depending on the event, you may want more upscale amenities. Ranging from the Delux Flushable Restroom to the Presidential Restroom Trailer, our luxury restroom trailers include flushing toilets and freshwater sinks, resembling a home restroom experience.

Speedy Delivery

Restrooms can be dispatched at any time, depending on the season. We accommodate to a four-hour window and place your rental where you need it most. What about pickup? Don’t stress. The same procedure applies—we’ll retrieve the restroom when you are finished with your rental, never vice versa.