Behind the Scenes

This week Dave Santaguida, our local branch manager, provided RTV6 Anchor, Meredith Barack, a behind the scenes look into the portable sanitation business. As part of this interview, Barack stepped into the shoes of a Service Sanitation driver and tried her hand at what it takes to work in this industry for an upcoming “Hiring Hoosiers” segment which will air in November. This series showcases various employment opportunities and career resources that can help improve the lives of Hoosiers.

“It was a great way to speak positively of the portable sanitation industry and give credit to all those hardworking men and women who often go unnoticed and unappreciated” Stevie Dee, Director of Marketing at Service Sanitation shared as the interview came to a finish.

As the opportunities in this market continue to grow, so does our need for reliable and hardworking individuals. From drivers to yard laborers to dispatchers, each team member plays an integrole role in helping us better the communities we serve.

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