Employee Service Day

As an office employee at Service Sanitation, you are allowed one paid service day each year to leave the comforts of your desk and step out to help those in need.  This service day allows you to contribute to a wide variety of projects that are personally meaningful to you.  Whether volunteering at a local non-for-profit organization or perhaps helping someone whom you personally know is in need, the choice is yours.

Our goal is to see community involvement grow at Service Sanitation and to encourage social responsibility.  We would love to see 100% participation as we continue striving to achieve this goal.  If you are looking for ideas about how to contribute to the greater community or if you have any questions or suggestions about the program, please feel free to see Teri Milcarek.

Service Day Request

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer with a fellow employee?  Absolutely!  In fact, we highly encourage it!  By working together, you’ll get to know your co-worker outside of the workplace and learn to work together as a team.  You’ll also be able to hold each other accountable to your community commitment.

Where can I volunteer? Consider volunteering at a local non-for-profit organization or local community organization. The goal is to find a cause or organization you’re passionate about!  If you’d like additional ideas please contact Teri Milcarek in Human Resources.

What if my service opportunity falls on a weekend? We understand that many service opportunities present themselves on weekends.  If your service opportunity falls on a weekend Service Sanitation will simply add one day (8 Hours) to your vacation bank so that you may benefit from a paid day off at a later date.

What should I do when I volunteer?  Consider taking a few pictures during your service day that we can share with the company.  Employees will also be asked to complete a brief review of their day.

How do I request a Service Day?  To request an employee service day please fill out the request form below. Once submitted, your request will be sent directly to Human Resources and your time off request will be reviewed by your manager to make sure staffing needs are met for the day.  Completing a service day with someone from another department will also increases the likelihood that both employees will be able to have the time off.