Disposable Trash Boxes

Did you know littering is the most preventable source of pollution? While most guests don’t litter intentionally, it’s important to know why they do it.  One recent study showed, most people litter because it’s convenient and because they saw others had littered so they assumed it was ok.  Unfortunately, this means your team is left to clean the mess and you’re stuck footing the bill.

Keep it Clean

Disposable Trash Boxes can be the simple solution to littering at your special event. These lightweight and economical trash containers can be conveniently placed near food tents or restroom facilities where littering is most common.  They will promote a litter-free environment and help keep your event clean.  Your guests will appreciate the convenience and you’ll love not having to clean up the extra mess.

Disposable Trash Boxes can easily be added to any portable restroom order.  Each trash box includes a 45-gallon bag.  Additional trash bags are available upon request.  Please call us at 800.909-5646 for more details.