The Crane Hook Porta Potty

Taking Sanitation to a Whole New Level

Working in construction can take you just about anywhere these days.  From the tops of high rise construction buildings to the depths of underground subways tunnels. For these unique situations, the crane hook porta potty can act as a perfect job site addition, providing convenience and dignity wherever it goes.

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crane lift porta potty

Sports & Stadium Construction

Revamping a ballpark or football stadium, adding new features and even better views, turns into dollars for your client. But before fans fill in, an extensive construction process must take place. Managing a massive arena becomes more efficient when workers aren’t constantly moving to access restrooms. The crane lift restroom rental allows the project to be completed in phases without having to relocate. Assisting in the construction of Wrigley Field and Soldier Field, we hold the expertise and experience needed to handle the massive scale of a Chicago arena.

High-rise Construction

Working on skyscrapers leaves few restroom options when up in the sky. Continuously boosting and lowering a crane to reach ground level is dangerous and takes away from the work at hand. Instead, the crane lift suspends the porta potty rental in mid-air, giving workers ultimate access at any point during high-rise construction. This makes one of the most difficult projects easily manageable and ideal for the ever-growing Chicago skyline.

crane lift porta potty

Complex Home Construction

Building your client’s dream home comes with immense attention to detail, especially when creating sound infrastructure. Depending on size and location, home construction may involve geographic restraints or scaling elements that demand a crane. To keep your project on time and within budget, you want the most efficient solution to respond to these various concerns. The Crane Lift Porta Potty Rental speeds up construction time as it increases efficiency. Time-consuming elements, like an expansive roof, take advantage of this rental the most as it keeps workers on track.

Bridge Construction

Although it complements the Chicago skyline, Lake Michigan serves as a major obstacle when it comes to bridge construction. This time, access to the ground is not even an option, but the same restroom needs of your team still apply. The crane lift porta potty gives workers the ability to navigate difficult terrains without forfeiting comfort. Now, not even a body of water stands between you and the success of your construction project.