Community and Connection

BEEP FOR A TREAT – Tik Tok Video

As a brand that values community, we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with our local communities. Whether it’s through parades, interactive events, or unconventional social media campaigns, we’re always up for some fun.

So naturally when our marketing team stumbled upon a viral video called “Honk for a Treat” we couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. With an Amazon cart overflowing with water pumps, hoses, and a spooky Halloween skeleton, we swiftly rallied the team together to get to work.

From our creative marketing department to our skilled fleet maintenance team, we ingeniously rigged up Stew, a chuckling skeleton who playfully targeted daring passersby willing to “beep for a treat”.

Naturally, there were a few who were slightly taken aback by the idea, but hey, we’re a porta potty company. How else do you expect us to promote our products?

Keep an eye out for Stew and Truck #2301 as they make their way across NWI and the greater Chicagoland area. They’re causing quite a stir locally and catching the attention of thousands of TikTok users worldwide too!  Click here to see the Beep for a Treat video.