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Celebrate Schererville Fest

Carnival Conundrums and the Service Sanitation Solution

For years, event coordinators throughout the Region have sought to organize outdoor community carnivals characterized by joy, celebration, and community pride. Yet, a persistent issue that often haunts events such as these is the lack of adequately clean restroom facilities.

The Restroom Riddle Returns

When planning this year’s Celebrate Schererville fest, event coordinators were once again faced with a multitude of challenges around sanitation. Among these was ensuring adequate, clean, and accessible restroom facilities for the thousands of event attendees set to descend upon Redar Park in downtown Schererville.

Service Sanitation to the Rescue!

With the mission at hand, community leaders in Schererville, Indiana reached out to the unsung heroes at Service Sanitation to save the day. Armed with an arsenal of portable restrooms and over 40 years of knowledge, they provided a solid game-day strategy to solve ‘The Restroom Riddle’ once and for all. Simple solutions such as…

  • On-budget solutions to allow a better allocation of funds.
  • Carefully calculated restroom/sink quantities to eliminate lines.
  • Properly maintained units cleaned daily, ensuring overall hygiene.
  • Strategically placed facilities across carnival grounds, ensuring accessibility.

The Unforgettable Carnival

No longer will the sanitation woes cast a shadow over the excitement. This year’s Celebrate Schererville Festival promises to be an event of pure joy and celebration – a time for the community to come together without any hindrance. With Service Sanitation on their side, the town of Schererville is all set to create a carnival experience that will be remembered for years to come.