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Indy Portables Is Now Service Sanitation

As of January 2, 2017, Indy Portables has transitioned its name to reflect its parent brand, Service Sanitation. Indy Portables has been owned and operated by Service Sanitation since 2014. This transition is simply an effort to consolidate branding efforts and communication to our customers. With this acquisition, Indy Portables customers are now afforded an even larger selection of services, 24/7 availability, and access to our online billpay system.

Contact Information

All calls will now be directed to our 24/7 Customer Service Center reachable at 800.909.5646. Email sent to our Indianapolis employees will be redirected to their new Service email addresses.

Address Change:

Although our Indianapolis Dispatch Center address will remain in Indianapolis, all future correspondence should be sent to our corporate headquarters at 135 Blaine Street, Gary, IN  46406.

Online Billpay:

Online bill pay is now available for former Indy Portables customers. This safe and secure system will allow you to view your account and pay bills as needed. To learn more please visit MyBill.

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