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Disposable Seat Covers

It’s no secret that cleanliness and hygiene are important factors when it comes to using a portable restroom. This is why you’ll find a growing number of disposable seat covers located in our portable restroom facilities. Stocked upon arrival, the disposable seat cover can provide a sense of security and protection from unwanted germs and bacteria. They can also help keep your restroom cleaner for a longer period of time.

  • Promotes good health and hygiene.
  • Prepackaged with 250 sleeves for maximum usage
  • Self-disposable operation eliminates additional handling
  • Made from a quick dissolving material which prevents clogging
  • Provides a physical barrier, protecting against germs and bacteria

Disposable seat covers are delivered in a packaged amounts of 250 and can be conveniently mounted inside the portable restroom upon delivery or on your next scheduled service day.  For additional information on adding disposable seat covers to your portable restroom order please contact us at 800-909-5646.

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