8 Ways to Personalize Your Restroom

Contrary to popular belief, the porta potty can actually be a convenient, clean and comfortable experience.  In fact, with a little extra effort, you can customize your restroom rental and make it as unique as your event.  Check out these 8 ways you can transform a boring backyard bathroom into a posh portable palace.

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Decorate Porta Potty

Create Exterior Appeal

Add various potted plants, flowers, or even a “welcome” mat to spruce up the front of your unit.  By giving your porta potty some surrounding landscape and a sense of home, it will appear as though the portables were meant to be there, ultimately making the set-up look more polished.  Because honestly, what’s more fitting than greenery when nature calls?

Decorative Lighting

Exquisite lighting typically enhances your vision, transforming the mundane into something magical.  Carry this mood into your portable restroom by decorating it with twinkly, battery-powered string lights or whimsical paper lanterns.  They can be easily hung from the ceiling with adhesive Command hooks.  If this isn’t your style and you’re looking for a simple lighting solution, we do provide inexpensive light kits for ultimate convenience and renewed visibility.

Chic Mirrors

Flower arrangements, table settings and bridesmaid dresses aren’t the only things you want looking exceptional on your wedding day.  Place mirrors inside your porta potty to have your friends and family looking and feeling their best.  Embellish a basic mirror with flower petals, buttons or jewels to add personal flair.  Your mirror design should reflect your awesome personality and your handsome guests.

Picture Line

Take a plastic interior and make it superior by placing priceless photos of you and your spouse’s happiest moments.  For an eclectic, vintage look, string them along a piece of twine and attach with clothes pins.  Displaying some of your favorite Kodak moments will visually transform your restroom into a walk down memory lane.

Monogram on Porta Potty

Custom Monograms

What’s a better way to debut your decorative initials than with monogrammed toilet paper?  Yes, this exists, and it’s fabulous.  Not for you?  Try creating a personal vinyl decal and placing it on the walls of the restroom.  Fully customize your porta potty with these quirky surprises.

Purse Hook in Porta Potty

Purse Hanger

Let’s be honest, plopping your purse, sport coat, or sweater on a porta potty’s plastic floor isn’t ideal—no matter how clean the restroom is.  Provide an adhesive hook to the inside of the restroom’s door so guests can easily hang their possessions.  Don’t stop there—add glitter, paint, or sequins to the hook so that it blends in with your wedding’s color scheme.

Flowers in Porta Potty

Flower Arrangements

Make your porta potty pretty as a rose by adding a bouquet of flowers to the inside of the unit.  Whether they’re fake or real, choose flowers that coincide with your wedding’s color scheme.  This unique addition gives a traditionally unsophisticated facility a dash of elegance.

Emergency Bathroom Kit

Bathroom Emergency Kit

Whether it be mints for coffee breath, Advil for a pounding headache, or stain remover sticks for an unexpected spill, a bathroom emergency kit can be a quick solution to life’s little emergencies.  To ensure silky handshakes, provide moisturizing lotion, and for pleasant scents, consider mini deodorant sticks.  Decide what items make the final cut by asking yourself: what will issue a sigh of relief?  Things happen, and an emergency bathroom kit can help.