Go beyond standard and discover the essence of privacy and luxury within our 16-foot cottage restroom trailer. This remarkably engineered bathroom trailer has been custom-tailored to exceed expectations and provide your guests with the extra touch of comfort they deserve.


6 Stalls

Three individual stalls line the inside of the women’s compartment while one stall and two urinals make up the men’s compartment.

Luxurious Interior

Custom-tailored hardwood flooring, decorative lighting, exquisite crown molding, and richly appointed wainscoting.

Climate Control

The temperature within the bathroom trailer is controlled with a lockable thermostat that keeps the interior comfortable year round.

Trailer Specifications

  • 16′ length (tongue 4’3”),  8′ width, 12‘ height
  • Men’s Compartment: 1 toilet, 2 urinals, 1 sink
  • Women’s Compartment: 3 toilets, 1 sink
  • Fresh Water: N/A
  • Waste Water: 650 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 2 circuits (20-amp)

Additional Trailer Features

Two Compartments

Two individual compartments; One classically styled for women and the other styled for men.


Each compartment has running water sinks and hands-free flushing toilets that minimize germs.

Water Heater

Internal on-demand hot water heater provides attendees hot or cold water instantly.

Ventilation System

Ventilation system kindly allows fresh air into trailer and also removes unwanted odors.

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